Sunday, May 20, 2007
Thought for the day...
"G-d prepares us for each new phase in our lives by closing off old desires and teaching us to have new ones".
Paraphrased from Wake up and Live by Dorothea Brande

I can look back over my life and see when G-d was going to move me to another level. I would easily lose all desire for the things I presently had or believed that I had to have. People who I believed I would never not talk to or desire their friendship, suddenly became disinterested in me and I in them. Some people would think that I hadn't learned to be content with the things that I had. But no matter where we are,we can always strive for better. To be better, to do better. I don't believe there is an apex to which we can go no further.
Since we are constantly growing and re-discovering who we are day to day, it's normal to go through the phase of cleansing--ourselves, and our environments of those things that no longer "fit"us. Whether it be a blouse or a job. Where there is a stunt in growth, that which has failed to grow with us, is not fit to accompany to the next phase in life.
In John 15:2 Jesus, compared those that were in Him to branches. He said that which beareth no fruit would be taken away and even that which did bear fruit would be purged so that it can bear more fruit. It would seem then that this"purging" causes us to be even better than we were before.
Be Blessed. Chosen.


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